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Sewer Pipe Bursting/Sewer Repair Lateral Bursting

Crosshair Services Pipe Bursting/Sewer Repair process is an effective trenchless method of replacing your existing Sewer mainline. Pipe Bursting is an established widely used trenchless method for the replacement and revival of existing buried pipes. This process can be used on SEWER, WATER & Gas lines.

This modern technology allows us to Install a new HDPE Sewer mainline using the original location of the old failing mainline without sacrificing the landscaping, hardscaping or the grounds of your property like a traditional “open-cut” method. Simply put, the pipe burst process uses two small excavation pits to install a new matching size HDPE Sewer without disrupting the landscape. It is completely fused together resulting in a one piece, seamless pipe that will not allow for future root intrusion or leaks that result in future problems. The new HDPE line is also extremely tough, with a 50 plus year lifespan you will have years of worry free service from you new mainline.

  • Very low impact to property compared to "open cut" methods
  • Fast Installation time, generally complete in 1-2 days
  • Permanent Repair with a 50+ year lifespan on HDPE Pipe
  • No Future root intrusion or leak potential
  • Installation can be completed under sensitive trees and landscapes
  • Increases your Property Value
  • Piece of Mind for years to come
The process:

After an inspection of the existing Sewer Main Line has been completed, our crew will layout the alignment of the sewer pipe in relationship to your property. All other utilities within your property will be located and marked. A small excavation at the property line will be completed. Often this excavation is no larger than 5’x5’ square. This excavation will be used as a launch pit or retrieval pit for the new sewer line, It will also allow us to connect the new HDPE Sewer pipe to the property line stub. Our crew then excavates the same size hole at the exterior foundation wall of the home or an even smaller hole in the basement for the second pull pit. The new HDPE Sewer Line line is then pulled through the existing sewer line, fracturing (bursting) the old line into the trench wall as the new pipe is installed. The new HDPE sewer pipe is fused together to create a seamless one piece pipe. The connections are then completed to the property line and the existing plumbing, followed by a video inspection of the new line. The excavations are backfilled and landscapes can then be re-instated.


Our Pipe Bursting/sewer repair equipment is Capable of installing a new Waterline with your new HDPE Sewer. No need to worry about replacing a leaking water service in the future.


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