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Moling Piercing Tool

Crosshair Services offers a “Mole” or Piercing tool capable of Installing a 3” diameter hole for the installation of a new Utility.

This trenchless technology is a simple, low-cost option for Directional Drilling when less accuracy is required. The tool only requires a small launch & retrieval pit and will install the new hole up to 50’ in length. The 3” hole can be upsized to 4” with our Bursting options.

The Mole is a great option for installing a new utility under driveways, roads, deck, fences, walkways and paths etc. Anywhere a new hole is required and excavation is not an option.

  • Landscaping & Irrigation Installation
  • Electrical Conduit Installation
  • Communication
  • Gaslines
  • Anywhere a Trenchless hole is required

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