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Maintenance & Inspection Services

Video Inspection:

Crosshair Services offers state of the art Video Inspection equipment for Sewer lines, Water Lines, Drains, Conduit and any other lines from ¾” to 8” in Diameter (Call for larger Pipe Sizes)

Our Camera equipment can inspect the line while taking a video for future review. Our operator will fully explain the inspection and video record or take pictures of the problems areas for the customers records.

The Video inspection equipment is fully trackable and the utility can be marked on the surface for reference. Planning before an excavation or repair is required.

  • Inspection for Sewer Lines, Water Lines & Underground Pipes
  • Locates Leaks, Blockages or Breaks on a Service
  • Marking the location or Buried Utility for visual reference
  • Inspect pipes inside walls or hard to access places

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