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Jetting & Augering


Crosshair Services offers Line Jetting & Cleaning for Pipe from 2”- 6” in diameter. Using high pressure water and specialized cleaning (Jetting) tips, drain lines can be cleared of unwanted debris.

  • Thaw frozen pipes
  • Clear gravel & mud and debris from parking lot drains
  • Clear blocked drains and cleans pipes
  • Clean pipes for video inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance

Crosshair Services offers drain cleaning & clearing equipment. Pipes from 2"-8" can cleaned and the augering equipment will remove roots and other blockages quickly & efficiently. Augering blocked lines can then be Video Inspected to identify problem areas.

  • Clearing Blocked Sewer Lines & Drain Lines
  • Root Intrusion problems
  • Grease Build-up
  • Preventative Maintenance

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