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Directional Drilling/Boring Pit Launch

Crosshair Services offers specialized Directional Drilling/Boring or “pit launched” installations for new Water & Sewer Lines. This process allows a new Waterline or Drain lines to be installed without the need for a host (existing) pipe. New lines from ¾” to 4” can be installed from a small “launch pit” or excavation. The drill can be installed inside a building’s basement, foundation or from the connection source as required.

This specialized equipment can be used under sensitive landscaping, valuable trees, garages, outbuildings or any other areas where “open cut” methods or other trenchless methods are not an option.

  • "On Grade" Installations – Install a line where you need it
  • Minimal impact on the property and environment
  • Able to install new lines under sensitive trees and landscapes
  • Capable of long runs of pipe new pipe installation

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